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The Crafty Mac’s Mac and Cheese Menu

REMINDER: As a virtual kitchen, we DO NOT have dine-in or accept walk-in orders. You can order online for Curbside Pickup or Delivery!

All of our Mac and Cheese bowls are made fresh to order. We start with Cavatappi noodles, toss them with our made from scratch cheese sauces, add shredded cheese for the gooiness factor then top them with a variety of proteins and toppings to make a Mac and Cheese that you’ll never forget.


Philly Mac

Philly doesn’t have anything on us. Monterey jack base with provolone topped with Philly steak and onions and drizzled with the Whiz.

Chicken Pot Pie Mac

Just like Grandma used to make. Monterey Jack base with shredded cheddar tossed with grilled chicken, peas, carrots, and cream of chicken soup. Topped with freshly baked pie crust squares.


A definite trophy dish. Cheddar base with shredded cheddar, topped with Smokey D’s award-winning chopped pork, fried onion tanglers, and drizzled with our sassy BBQ sauce.

Pizza Mac

A pizza lovers dream. Monterey Jack base with shredded Mozzarella tossed with homemade italian sausage, pepperoni bites and italian seasoning. Drizzled with pizza sauce.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac

An Iowa staple. Cheddar Base with shredded cheddar. Topped with our hand breaded Tenders chunks, crumbled bacon and drizzled with homemade ranch dressing.

Cajun Shrimp Mac

You’ll feel like you’re in New Orleans after eating this one. Monterey Jack base with shredded Provolone tossed with Cajun grilled shrimp.

Lobster Mac

Bringing the taste of Maine to Iowa. Monterey Jack base with shredded Havarti tossed with imitation lobster and old bay seasoning.

Broccoli Cheddar

A great vegetarian option. Cheddar base with shredded cheddar tossed with fresh steamed broccoli seasoned to perfection.

Nashville Hot Mac

Put a little extra spice in your life. Cheddar base with shredded cheddar. Topped with Nashville Hot seasoned tender chunks, diced dill pickles and heavy shake of Nashville Hot seasoning.

Build Your Own

Have it your way! Your choice of Cheddar or Monterey Jack base, choice of shredded cheese and topped with any of your favorite proteins and/or toppings.

Kids Mac and Cheese

Perfect for the little ones! Cheddar base with shredded cheddar and your choice of hotdog or chicken strips.


Mac Nuggets

Available in a 4 Piece or 8 Piece

Pimento Snackers


Sweet Biscuit

Brownie Bites